Hi ! Welcome to my personal website.

Made Dwika Surya Ananta

I created this website for my portfolio and store my journey throughout my Architecture study in Udayana University. Hopefully you enjoy it.

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This is my journey to become a professional architect.

Explore my way to become a professional architect someday. From someone who doesn’t think about studying architecture and end up in this space that we lived in. Stay tune on my unstoppable journey.

A Little Story About


Have a look at my story before studying architecture until now, in my final semester as an architecture student.

In this blog I’ll tell you about the assignments that I have done during 8 semesters of college. You can see my process during the project. There’s also some information about the software that I’m using during the project, and you can also download the project file.

Selected Works

Small Urban Planning


Student Dormitory

Cultural Park